Social Media in Sorani

There are many places for people to find out about Christianity on social media. Sometimes the best and easiest thing to give to your Kurdish contact is a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. Below are some links and descriptions.



Pertukekem:  means ‘my book’ in Sorani. This is the facebook page for the Bible app, it mainly consists of screenshots from the app,  like a verse of the day. People can make comments or ask questions.


Mesih Nasy: means ‘knowing Christ’ in Sorani. This is a very popular page, their posts are normally answering FAQs about the Bible being corrupted etc. Lots of good dialogue happens in the comments section.



Got Questions? Many of the questions on this site have been translated into Sorani Kurdish.


Pirsyaruwelam means ‘Question and Answer’. A website with lots of Sorani materials.