Pertuka Piroz

This is a new app for the Behdini Bible translation.

So far the app is only available for Android. We hope to make the iOS version available soon.

This app contains the Old Testament portions that have been approved by our translation consultant for publication. We will add other portions as they become available.

It also contains the most up to date version of the entire New Testament (to which we have made a few edits since it was printed.) However, this does not make the previous NT app The Holy Injeel – ئنجیلا پیرۆز redundant. We will continue to maintain the previous app, because the text in that app is identical to the printed NT and audio recording.

Furthermore, we will continue to promote and recommend The Holy Injeel – ئنجیلا پیرۆز  (NT-only) app as the preferred choice for new readers. The Holy Bible – پەرتووکا پیرۆز  app is designed and recommended for believers and those more familiar with the Bible.

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