Old Testament stories

These are several stories from the Old Testament.

Publisher: Mizgini

Year: 2007

Available online:

Description: These scripts are not “biblical texts” as such; they tell biblical stories by closely following the biblical texts. However, these stories are sometimes abbreviated, summarized, simplified and restructured. The translators certainly have made an effort to make them as accurate as possible, but they should not be referred to as “biblical texts”.

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20 lessons about the Life of Jesus

These are twenty lessons from the Holy Bible about the life of Jesus.


Publisher: K'omela K'urdêd Xwedênas, Armenia

Year: 2007

Available online





Description:  This workbook is for people who really want to get to know Jesus Christ. It wrestles with the question, “Are Jesus’ words true or not?” All of the questions that people ponder take root in their hearts and grow. Therefore these lessons are built on many questions, so that a student can find his own answers by reading in the Holy Book. Students can benefit from working through these lessons on their own. But if friends study together as a group they will find even more answers to their questions, because “None of us is as smart as all of us.” If everybody shares their thoughts, you will learn a lot from each other.

The Way of Righteousness - Kurmanji

The Stories and Message of God's Prophets according to the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel.

The text of these stories (originally aired on radio) are available on

Original English stories available here:

PART 1: The Way of Righteousness According to the Torah

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