The Birth of Jesus

This is a series of video clips describing the birth of Jesus.

Available Online: http://xn--nivsarnproz-sbb2cg.net/en/kurdish-video

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God's story (audio)

This is an audio version of the God's Story video.

Audio available online: 


Video version available:


English version available:


Description: The 80-minute video, God's Story: From Creation To Eternity, presents the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, this panorama of the Scriptures highlights God's plan to rescue fallen mankind.

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"Good Seed" Daily Meditations

A short booklet of daily readings from the Holy Bible.

Publisher: GBV

Year: 2005

Available in Europe:



Also Available in Sorani

Description: Daily devotions especially selected for Kurdish Christians. 

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The Way of Righteousness - Kurmanji

The Stories and Message of God's Prophets according to the Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel.

The text of these stories (originally aired on radio) are available on scribd.com:


Original English stories available here:


PART 1: The Way of Righteousness According to the Torah


Radio Programs about the Holy Bible - Kurmanji

The following list of Kurmanji radio broadcasts from ERF Media (Wetzlar) broadcast from Germany are available on the website for streaming or downloading: http://www.erf.de/international/fremdsprachige-angebote/telefonangebot/kurdisch-kurmanji/1282


Pirsên herî girîng 1   Pirsên herî girîng 2   Pirsên herî girîng 3


Gera min li ewledariyê 1   Gera min li ewledariyê 2   Gera min li ewledariyê 3   Gera min li ewledariyê 4

Gera min li ewledariyê 5   Gera min li ewledariyê 6   Gera min li ewledariyê 7


Maleke bextewar 1   Maleke bextewar 2    Maleke bextewar 3  Maleke bextewar 4

Maleke bextewar 5   Maleke bextewar 6    Maleke bextewar 7   Maleke bextewar 8

Maleke bextewar 9   Maleke bextewar 10   Maleke bextewar 11 Maleke bextewar 12


Serhatiya Merdo 1  Serhatiya Merdo 2  Serhatiya Merdo 3  Serhatiya Merdo 4


The Jesus Film audio - Kurmanji

This is a dramatized recording of the Holy Bible Gospel of Luke. This is the audio version of the Jesus film. It can be played or downloaded here:




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Jesus Film - Kurmanji

This is a 2 hour video film presentation of the life of Jesus in Kurmanji.

Publisher: Campus Crusade for Christ

Available Online:



English version availablewww.Jesusfilm.org

Available in Europe on DVD


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Audio New Testament (Kurmanji)

This is an audio reading of the Holy Bible New Testament portion.

Publisher: Faith comes by hearing

Year: 2005

Available in Turkey on CD:



Available in Europe  on CD:


Available online:





New Testament - Kurmanji (Armenian script 1872)

This is the Holy Bible New Testament in Kurmanji in the Armenian script. 

Year: 1872

Publisher: American Bible Society

Available online: http://www.archive.org/details/peymanenoekhoiye00blis

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This is an audio message in Kurmanji about the Holy Bible.

It can be played or downloaded here:



New Testament and Psalms - Kurmanji (Latin)

This is the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible in Kurmanji (Latin script).

Publisher: Turkish Bible Society

Year: 2011

Available online: 




PDF Download:  



Available in Northern Iraq: http://www.kitebipiroz.com/en/store (IBS Bookshop)

Available in North America: http://www.amazon.com/Kurdish-Kurmanji-Turkish-Bible-Society/dp/9754620563

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