Tell them I love them

Discover God's Gift for You: Unconditional Love.

Author: Joyce Meyer

Publisher: Kurdzman church

Year: 2008

Available in Northern Iraq: (IBS Bookshop)

English version available:



Description: Discover God's Gift for You: Unconditional Love! Every bit of God's power and love is available to you-today! And you aren't just one of the crowd. God loves you as if you were the only person on Earth. The problem is that, like most people, you may not understand it...or if you know it with your head, you may not feel it with your heart. Now you can. The powerful message in this inspiring book will show you:

* How to Recognize God's Love Inside You

* How to Stop Wondering If You're Good Enough for God

* How You can Experience an Amazing Revelation of God's Love

* How to Find God Even During Life's Painful Circumstances

* How God's Love will Change You Forever.

Sharing her insights and the revelation that transformed her own life, Joyce Meyer brings you Scripture and other words of wisdom that can open up the window to God's love...and let its light shine on you, personally!